Work Plan

TaxMArc is organised into four work packages. WP1 consists of sampling in the field, and WP2 of diversity and taxonomy studies of existing and new natural samples and cultures. WP3 integrates data from WP2 with metabarcoding, phytoplankton and environmental data in the consortium, as well as data mining gene databases and literature to assess protist community composition and distributions. WP4 consists of the dissemination of results including producing a first flora/fauna over Pan-Arctic protists. Participating institutes and persons are listed for each work package, and the work package leaders are marked in bold.

WP1: Sampling

Task 1. Sampling Atlantic Arctic Ocean

WP2: Diversity and taxonomy

Task 2 Microscopy of preserved plankton samples

Task 3 Single cell PCR and DNA sequencing of identified cells

Task 4 Establish and characterise uni-algal cultures by DNA sequencing and advanced microscopy

Task 5 Taxonomy

WP3: Community composition and distribution in space and time

Task 6 Contribute to DNA sequence reference databases

Task 7 Integrate metabarcoding, environmental and taxonomic data in this study

Task 8 Analyse occurrences and distribution in space and time by data mining

WP4: Flora and other dissemination

Task 9 Produce a flora of Arctic protists

Task 10 Other dissemination