Institute of Oceanology, Polish Academy of Sciences (IOPAS)

The Institute of Oceanology of the Polish Academy of Sciences (IO PAN) was founded in 1983 as the suc­cessor to the Marine Station of the Academy, in exis­tence in Sopot since 1953. The Institute's mission is to generate knowledge required to support the understanding, the sus­tainable use and protection of the marine envir­onment. This is carried out by means of in­no­vative, high-level scientific and technological re­search that enhances our understanding of the en­vironment, and provides expertise and technology for stake­holders, i.e. Polish and international users of marine-oriented knowledge and technology, govern­mental agencies, policymakers, educators and students, and Poland's society at large. The Institute of Ocean­ology conducts scientific research in the Baltic and European Arctic Seas.