Project management and cooperation

TaxMArc members during Kick-off meeting

The proposed project will be coordinated by the University of Oslo by Bente Edvardsen at Dept. of Biosciences and Wenche Eikrem at the Natural History Museum. Several of the partners have excellent records of project management and will contribute with both scientific and management skills. Edvardsen has co-ordinated five RCN research projects, been PI of five RCN and two EU projects.

This project brings together experts with a wide and complementary knowledge on marine Arctic protists, with expertise from different geographical regions, taxonomic groups and research fields (taxonomy and advanced microscopy, molecular biology and phylogeny, marine ecology, web design). All scientific partners have ample experience from sampling in the Arctic. Some of the partners have worked together for more than 20 years securing a friendly, joyful and open atmosphere, whereas some connections are completely new, bringing in new and strengthening collaborations. Edvardsen and Eikrem have collaborated with Vaulot, John and Lundholm for more than 20 years, whereas the collaboration with Poulin, Wiktor and Assmy will be new. This network of national and international partners will also secure that the state of the art approach and methodology will be chosen bringing Norway in the forefront internationally in this emerging field of research. Further, that the tools developed will meet the needs and be implemented in future monitoring of the Arctic Ocean. The partners from UiO, Uni, AWI, CNRS and UNIS are partners of the Micropolar project, securing a close collaboration between the two projects and efficient use of results and samples from the MicroPolar project.