Workshop on “Taxonomy and identification of protists in the Barents Sea and Atlantic Arctic” at Drøbak 10-11 Oct 19

Workshop on “Taxonomy and identification of protists (microalgae and protozoa) in the Barents Sea and Atlantic Arctic” at Drøbak 10-11 October 2019.

Funded by the projects Nansen Legacy and TaxMArc

Organisers: Bente Edvardsen, Luka Supraha, Wenche Eikrem, Karoline Saubrekka (UiO)

Advisory committee: Philipp Assmy (NP) and Rolf Gradinger (UiTø)

Place: Biological Station Drøbak, Tollboden Course Centre, University of Oslo, Drøbak.

Time: 10-11 October. The workshop will start on Thursday 10th at 10:00 a.m. and end on Friday 11th at 16:00 p.m. Non-nearby participants can arrive on Wednesday evening 9 October from 17:00.

Number of participants: up to 20.


The aim of the workshop is to agree on the species identification of marine protists in the Atlantic Arctic and the Barents Sea in order to harmonise the protist taxonomy to be used in the Nansen Legacy project with the taxonomy used in previous surveys in the area. Another aim is to train AeN participants in Arctic protist identification, who will need this in their project.


The workshop will take place at Tollboden in Drøbak, a part of the University of Oslo Biological station in Drøbak. Tollboden has a laboratory with place for up to 20 people using microscopes. During the workshop we will use 20 good compound Zeiss or Leica microscopes. Tollboden has accommodation for up to 22 people, it has a seminar room for lectures and a kitchen where breakfast and lunch will be prepared and served. Dinner will be served in a nearby restaurant.


In additions to teachers from UiO we will take advantage of international experts in Arctic protist taxonomy in the RCN-supported project TaxMArc (Diversity, distribution and taxonomy of marine protists in a changing Arctic).


During the workshop the participants will use light microscopes to analyze samples collected during the J1/2 Nansen Legacy cruise in the Barents Sea (August 2019), as well as samples collected during recent cruises in Atlantic Arctic. We will also look at cultures that we have isolated from the Arctic and characterized using rDNA sequencing and electron microscopy.

We will prepare species lists from the different stations during the Nansen Legacy August cruise 2019. Within the framework of TaxMArc a web-based flora/fauna is under development of the protists in Arctic marine waters. We will show a first beta-version of the flora on the workshop.

Application should be sent latest 1 September to Bente Edvardsen ( Travel and board expenses are covered for participants in the Nansen Legacy project. Please include in your application: your name, affiliation, academic degree, position, background in phytoplankton taxonomy, motivation. If you have questions please contact Bente Edvardsen (, Luka Supraha ( or Wenche Eikrem (