Task 8 Analyse occurrences and distribution in space and time by data mining

Background: A species list of protists in Arctic Ocean and ice have been compiled based on microscopy and mostly including taxa >20 µm (Poulin et al. 2011). Vaulot and Edvardsen have experience with analysing protist geographical distributions by analysing DNA sequences or reads available in gene databases or produced in projects such as the “Open Sampling Day (OSD)” where Vaulot is partner.

Aim: Update species lists for the Pan-Arctic Ocean. Assess their geographical distributions, especially of taxa assumed to be endemic for the Arctic.

Planned work: We will make use of available environmental sequence data to assess the geographical distribution of the organism they represent. See “Approach. Data from the OSD will be included in these analyses. Geographical distributions can be visualised with the software “Tableau Public”. We will also go throgh the literature and use obtained microscopy data to assess geographical distributions for WP4.