Task 6 Contribute to DNA sequence reference databases

Background: The PR2 database (Guillou et al 2012) is presently curated by Vaulot. Edvardsen participates in the international EukRef and UniEuk efforts. Edvardsen and Vaulot have produced a curated reference sequence database for Haptophyta (Edvardsen et al. 2016) and Vaulot of Chlorophyta.

Aim: Improve DNA sequence reference databases for Arctic protists to enable taxonomic assignation of metabarcoding reads to a lower taxonomic level.

Planned work: TaxMArc will provide new reference DNA sequences to be included in curated nucleotide databases, such as PR2, EukRef and UniEuk. We will curate the PR2 and other databases further for important protist groups in the Arctic such as haptophytes, chlorophytes, diatoms and dinoflagellates.