Task 4 Establish and characterise uni-algal cultures by DNA sequencing and advanced microscopy

Background: Fifty strains have been isolated from the MicroPolar cruises by the Vaulot and Edvardsen teams that are kept at the culture collections RCC, France and UiO CCA. These await EM examinations. During the MALINA and Green Edge projects Vaulot’s team isolated > 200 strains from Arctic Canada and west Greenland, most in the pico- and nanoplankton size fractions, by serial dilution series or flow cytometry cell sorting (Balzano et al. 2012). These strains are kept at RCC and will be available for TaxMArc. About 40 monoalgal or mixed microalgal strains were isolated during the Arctic MSM56 cruise, summer 2016 by Edvardsen and are kept at UiO for TaxMArc.

Aim: Morphologically and genetically characterise existing and new cultures for description of novel or poorly described taxa and to produce more reference sequences. Obtain data and images to the flora/fauna.

Planned work: Establish new uni-algal cultures by capillary isolations and dilution series. Established new strains will be deposited at UIO/NIVA CCA and RCC culture collections for future research and innovation. The cultures will be studied live in LM, preserved and prepared for EM according to the methods above and characterized morphologically. Marker genes (SSU, LSU and ITS rDNA) will be PCR-amplified and sequenced and phylogenies will be reconstructed (e.g. Edvardsen et al. 2011). Obtained sequences will be included into curated reference sequence databases for protists such as PR2, EukRef and UniEuk in addition to the non-curated general NCBI and EMBL databases.