Task 1 Sampling Atlantic Arctic Ocean

Background: Within MicroPolar microalgae and other protists have been collected through the year and from various locations and 4 depths of the water column in Atlantic Arctic waters and the Arctic Ocean. The samples include stations north and west of Svalbard (between 79-82°N and 2-20°E) collected in January, March, May, August and November. In total 155 size fractioned samples have been metabarcoded by eukaryote general and Haptophyta-specific primers by the UiO IBV partner, and preserved for microscopy.

Aim: Obtain plankton and ice samples and environmental data from more parts of the Atlantic Arctic Ocean for single cell PCR, cultures and microscopy of live and preserved cells, especially small cells.

Planned work: We will sample Barents Sea, around Svalbard, Fram Strait and Nansen Basin during already planned cruises by AWI, IMR and NPI. Samples will be collected and preserved, and raw cultures, dilution series, isolated single cells and preserved samples will be brought back to Oslo for further processing (WP2).

A German cruise coordinated by John summer 2017, in fjords around Svalbard will collect similar protist samples as the MSM56 cruise (see approach section), that will be available for TaxMArc.